December 6, 2011
"I think that feminists need to stop eating their own. I think that we have this problem like tearing each other down when we should building each other up. And I think that’s a problem that’s not just a feminist problem but a woman problem — it’s a thing that women tend to do and are even taught to do to each other. I think there’s plenty of room for debate and really vigorous debate but there’s a difference between that and personal criticism or just trying to take people down a peg or two or hating on each other."

Jessica Valenti

Seriously, I think this applies to almost all oppressed groups, too. I’ve noticed a lot of hate directed inwards in the queer community when it comes to people “acting too gay,” or “acting too straight.” What the hell does it even mean to act gay or straight? How about I just act the way that I want to, and as long as I’m not hurting you, you leave me the hell alone? Seriously, there’s room for everyone to have equal rights, regardless of race, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, or whatever else you can think of. Let’s fight the white, heterosexual, cis-gendered, wealthy patriarchy. Not each other.

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